Atlanta Supply Two Large Reel Cucoon Wrappers

A large UK manufacturer has now taken delivery of two, large format, cucoon stretch wrappers from Atlanta Packaging UK to wrap "parent" reels of toilet tissue.

The project includes loading systems using pole trucks, shuttle cars to transport the reels into and out of the wrapper and, on one of the units, an upender to stand the reel vertically at the end of the cycle for offloading with clamp trucks.

The reels can be very large, up to 3,500mm long, 2,500mm in diameter and weigh up to 4 tonnes each. The reel handling equipment is mainly hydraulically powered to cope with the high loads.

Shuttle with upender

The wrapper itself is based on Atlanta's well established Revolution arm wrapper - just bigger! As standard, the wrapper comes complete with a power pre stretch film carriage for maximum film yield. To comply with the clients electrical specification the machine was bespoke tailored to include SEW motors, Festo pneumatics with PLC and HMI from Allen Bradley.


Revolution arm wrapper

The project was a combined effort with Strictly Automation near Bourne and IJF Engineering, Merthyr Tydfil.

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