Atlanta Packaging UK are always looking for distributors.

From us you will get - an extensive range of pallet wrapping equipment, built by Europe's fastest expanding manufacturer, to a great standard.

We can offer machines to cover all eventuallities. In the semi automatic range we have, core brake and power pre stretch film carriages. Turntable diameters at 1650mm, 1800mm and 2200mm. Our articulated mast is a unique design that suits low headroom applications as well as giving good visibility across the working area. Best of all its a sealed for life unit which requires no maintenace - ideal for warehouse installations where engineering support can be very limited.

Other models have standard masts for very tall applications or where the articulated arm is not appropriate. We do not build budget machines - all the units are built to the same high standard demanded by the UK market but by swapping components (control panel, film carriage) we can offer a wide range of machine combinations with no loss of quality.

The range of fully automatic machines includes rotating turntable, rotating arm and rotating ring machines. each automatic machine is built to your customers specification which can include the PLC, inverters, panel components, HMI unit, light guards, sensors and pneumatics brand. Motor gearboxes can also be specified from a certain manufacturer plus the IP rating. The static and moving parts of the machine can also be painted to any RAL colour at no extra cost - which makes the whole installation look fully integrated. We can even add your decals to the machine frames if made available.

Our UK based service team can respond to all your customers requirments directly or indirectly as you request so your relationship with your customer is maintained.

Unlike most suppliers we do not sell stretch film so, again, your supply relationship is secure.