Atlanta pallet stretch wrapping performance strengthens around Europe

During a recession there is ever more need for improved efficiency, reliability and cost saving. This has played an important part in the expansion and growth of the Atlanta Stretch Company with its unique product line, says Mark Tucker, of Atlanta UK.

One of the reasons that several large and well known international companies have chosen Atlanta in recent times is the unique and patented design of the Atlanta Omega, a revolutionary, high speed, ring based pallet stretch wrapper.

Omega wrapper

One of the world’s largest snack and beverage manufacturers has chosen the Atlanta Omega in the past 18 months, and four systems have been specified and installed. One of these is equipped a second wrapping head for even faster wrapping speeds of up to150 pallets per hour.

The Omega is unique. Its patented film drive reduces the moving and wearing parts by 50% compared to traditional ring systems so there is almost nothing to go wrong. It can use standard 17kg film reels or alternatively 40kg “jumbo” reels. An easy load device means the operator can change the reel “on request” when it suits rather than the usual “on demand”.

The customer also liked the clean design, simple operator interface and the easy way to adjust the film delivery settings from the panel. In addition, the fact there are no electrical connections, cables or sliding contacts to the moving head had great appeal. Previous systems, they say, had proven to be weak in this area with increasing amounts of maintenance work needed in the medium to long term.

The customer carried out extensive wrapping tests with all the leading stretch wrap machinery suppliers. They found significant film savings using the Omega and this was an important factor for them in choosing the Atlanta system.

Most importantly they liked the attitude and the willingness of the Atlanta people to understand and work with them to achieve their exacting requirements.

Mark Tucker says the increasing success and reputation of the Atlanta product line around the World is providing a major boost to his efforts in the UK. He is happy to report that Atlanta are also starting to have a serious market impact here in the UK.

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