Integrators & OEM's

Machinery integrators and OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) can gain some great advantages by partnering with us at Atlanta Packaging UK. We can supply the complete range of stretch wrapping equipment including semi and fully automatic solutions.

  1. Extensive range of quality machine for any application
  2. Fast response for quotes, layouts, prices, e-brochures and designs
  3. Equipment is simple and easy to install - reducing site time
  4. Automatic machines can be painted to corporate RAL colours at no extra cost
  5. Highly competative pricing
  6. Full UK based support network
  7. Offices worldwide for extra support for exporters
  8. European design and manufacture
  9. Full manufacturers warranty

The range of fully automatic machines includes rotating turntable, rotating arm and rotating ring machines. There are two models of turntable machine, three varients of the rotating arm plus an option for a double headed version and single head and double head ring machines. This extensive range means we can offer a solution for any application and any budget.

Each automatic machine is built to your customers specification which can include the PLC, inverters, panel components, HMI unit, light guards, sensors and pneumatics brand. Motor gearboxes can also be specified from a certain manufacturer plus the IP rating. The static and moving parts of the machine can also be painted to any RAL colour at no extra cost - which makes the whole installation look fully integrated. We can even add your decals to the machine frames if made available.

The turntable wrapper has a unique low level design for both the mast and the film gripper unit so its possible to stack directly onto the turntable using a palletising robot - very useful if space is at a premium. The latest range allows the turntable to operate at under 200mm from the floor - without a pit! This means low level loading without expensive lifting equipment is a reality at last. Normally, to get so low, it would only be possible using an arm or a ring machine thus making the overall costs much greater.

Low level wrapper

All the equipment is designed for minimum site installation time, meaning a reduced installation cost. For example, the Omega ring wrapper ships in one piece so the lorry arrives, the machine is offloaded and skated into position and within a few hours is ready to run - typically this is a three day operation from competitors. The mast on the turntable model is hinged so no on site wiring is required. Also, on the rotary arm models the drop arm is hinged for transportation so only needs bolting into place - no wiring required. Integrators can offload, position, level up and connect up before our commissioning engineer comes on site - minimum costs again. Pre training is available in Italy if required. 

Pricing is very competitive as our overheads are low compared to other suppliers in the UK who can offer this extensive range of equipment, bespoke to your requirements.

However, we can still offer you full UK support for design, specification, layouts, project management, installations and service back up. Full factory warranty - we are not agents!

The semi auto range is really "plug and play". The machines are shipped ready for installation with the minimum of fuss or technical knowledge. Each machine comes with a comprehensive manual showing how to complete the installation and how to operate the machine. Atlanta UK are always happy to install the equipment on your behalf but to keep your costs down, we know its a DIY operation.

Atlanta are Europe's fastest growing stretch wrapping machine manufacturing company with offices in the UK, Spain, France, Germany and manufacturing in Italy. These are precision made pieces of equipment which comply with all necessary Health & Safety guidance. They are fully serviceable and supplied with extensive parts and maintenance documentation. Every effort is used to use standard parts which can be sourced locally thus reducing the overall life time costs of the equipment.

Many integrators and OEM's are already seeing the benefits of dealing with Atlanta in the UK - give us the opportunity to help you too!