Low level automatic stretch wrapper for British Ceramic Tiles

For many years, British Ceramic Tile (BCT) in Newton Abbot used semi automatic machines to stretch wrap their pallets of tiles. Following major investment in palletising and an automated warehouse it was decided to install an automatic wrapping system to speed the flow of pallets from the manufacturing area to the new warehouse run by Gregory Distribution LTD.

Against fierce competition Atlanta UK won the contract to supply not only the new system but also to supply two new semi automatic machines to wrap picked loads.

The automatic system had to accept pallets from the line using ride on trucks so a low level infeed was proposed, after the loading station Atlanta supplied a profile checking system to prevent oversize loads entering the warehouse - the profile checker inspects all four vertical faces of the load for overhang and the overall height of the pallet - if any parameter is broken, the pallet is rejected and sent for remedial work by an operator.

Revolution Low Level

The wrapping machine is a Revolution rotating arm unit with integral top sheet dispenser. As BCT did not want any pits in the floor, the infeed conveyor gently slopes to allow the pallet to reach the required wrapping height. As the slope is very gentle, there is no risk of disturbing the load before it reaches the wrapping station.

During wrapping, the conveyors each side of the wrapper move down, out of the way of the film carriage to allow the film to be wrapped down the pallet base without the need for an independent lifting unit which is the normal solution.

The top sheet is applied mid cycle and due to its advanced design, the unit is capable of handling a sheet of 40 micron thickness - offering substantial savings over the more traditional 60-80 micron sheet.

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