Stretch wrapper is truly mobile

Most people think of a mobile pallet wrapper as one powered by batteries and goes round a static pallet placed on the floor. Such a wrapper is the Sfera from Atlanta Packaging shown here.

However, Atlanta are to supply RM Group with a fully automatic pallet stretch wrapper with motorised roller table to fit inside a trailer unit.

Turntable wrapper

All the elements of a packing line including bagging unit, robot palletiser and wrapping machine are mounted inside two large trailers to allow the customer to move their bagging operation around site.The material being packed is salt so the wrapper is specially prepared for corrosive environments. This includes a special paint finish as well as stainless steel rollers and even a stainless steel drive chain.

The Mytho A is particularly suited to this application due to the fact that the usual fixed mast with its chains and rollers is replaced with the maintenance free lifting arm shown above that can fit inside the trailer without modification for the low headroom.

As standard, all the wrapping parameters are adjustable from the front panel including top wraps, bottom wraps, arm speed up and down and table rotation speed. Both core brake and pre stretch film carriages are available as well as an optional film tail welder.

For more information on the complete range, go to Atlanta Packaging.