High speed stretch wrapping for beverage industry


Atlanta Packaging, one of the UK's leading providers of complete end-of-line packaging solutions, has tasted success recently with two installations in the UK beverage sector.  A leading producer of private label soft drinks in Pontefract and an expanding brewery group in Tiverton have both seen the benefits of installing Atlanta's new Omega high speed stretch wrapper - an automatic ring wrapper with a unique film delivery system.

Mark Tucker, Managing Director of Atlanta Packaging, explains the appeal of this machine to his beverage customers, "Both customers were looking for a reliable, value-for-money solution to high speed wrapping, and the Omega ticks all three of these boxes perfectly".

Omega wrapper

Other features that enhance the efficiency of this machine include the unique way in which film is delivered to significantly reduce waste, film breakages and improve the aesthetics of the wrapped product. This patented system makes the rotating ring much lighter, simpler and faster than any of its competitors.

"We're delighted with the progress we've made with this machine, and the fact that the machine in Pontefract is just coming up to its first service after 6 completely trouble-free months is proof of their robust build and reliability - something of a rarity in this business!" explains Mark.

As well as ring wrappers, Atlanta can also supply turntable and rotating arm machines to suit any application. For slower speeds Atlanta offers a range of semi-automatic pallet wrappers.