palletiser installed at Penny Lane Foods

Established for over 30 years, Penny Lane Foods are one of the largest UK producers of frozen burgers and sausages. They put their success down to product consistency and high levels of service to their customers. The state of the art manufacturing facility in Bridgwater, Somerset can process over 750 tonnes of product a week - that's a lot of burgers! Whilst most of the plant is highly automated, stacking of boxes ready for the freezer rooms was, up until now, a manual operation.

Adrian Jones, Managing Director of Penny Lane Foods, went looking for a cost effective automatic stacking solution that would both fit in the limited space available but also be robust in construction and easy to operate.

After considering three options, two Robots and one layer plate machine, Mr Jones finally chose the MK1 from Dan Palletiser. Said Mr Jones, "The MK1 fills the brief perfectly, a well engineered piece of equipment which my staff can understand and it can be further automated when we relocate to new premises where we will have a bit more room!"

In its basic form, the filled pallet is taken away by an operator using an electric truck and then a new, empty pallet is positioned in the loading area. Pattern formation carries on whilst the pallet is exchanged so there is no interruption to production. After leaving the work area, the operator resets the safety light barrier to allow the machine to operate fully.

As shown below, a pallet magazine and roller conveyors to move the load automatically can be fitted later as space and finance come available.


NOTE - a range of Dan Palletisers can be rented which gives payback from day one with no detriment to the balance more