Palletiser from Dan Palletiser installed at Allinson Flour

Approximately 10,000 tonnes of Allinson flour is produced each year. Now, with a palletiser rented from Dan Palletiser, heavy lifting has been eliminated and profit made from day 1.

Dan Palletiser have been in close co-operation with Associated British Foods, owners of Allinson Flour for many years so the decision to rent a layer type machine as opposed to buying a robotic system was easily made.

"This is a very flexible solution and there is no risk for us. There is no capital investment and we can buy the palletiser later on or rent another machine. We are very satisfied with the rental solution. The rental fee is an operational cost so it doesn't go on the balance sheet. Also, the working environment is greatly improved from manual stacking", says Site Manager, Michael Dalton.

Allinson Flour produce three bag sizes, 0.5kg, 1kg and 3kg. These individual packs are shrink wrapped into parcels for palletisation. The Dan Palletiser MK1 machine handles 10 parcels (80 bags) per minute. This equates to 4.5 tonnes per hour.

The rental package includes: cost of shipping, installation and commissioning, training, annual service overhaul, cover of breakdowns and online/remote support service.

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