Atlanta are in Clover

Following a head to head battle, Atlanta take the order to supply a battery powered stretch wrapper from their arch rivals, Aetnagroup UK.

Clover Chemicals chose the Sfera PRS as “it was just better” than the Robopac S5 says David Brockington, Operations Manager for Clover Chemicals.

Clover had some very specific operational requests. The machine had to stop close to its start point and also it had to perform the bottom wraps at the end of the wrapping cycle, not the beginning, which is the convention. Atlanta were able to accommodate both requests.

Mark Tucker, MD of Atlanta Packaging says “When we can compete on a level playing field and the customer makes decisions based on build quality, performance and features, not just price, then we tend to come out on top. It’s very encouraging for us to beat a major supplier, albeit in decline – bigger does not mean better”.


Mobile pallet wrapper

The Sfera boasts full versatility with adjustable top and bottom wraps, variable up down speed, film pre stretch and lay on force. Due to its low centre of gravity its mechanical parts are under less stress than machines with the standard mast such as the S5. It can also pass through pedestrian doorways to travel under its own power to other parts of the site. The screw jack lifting arm is sealed for life so the machine requires almost no maintenance. In fact, at Clover Chemicals Atlanta actively talked the customer out of a service contract – they considered this to be an “enlightened” approach.

Atlanta is a fast growing, progressive company with many unique, patented designs for both stretch wrapping and shrink wrapping equipment.

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