500k shrink wrapper investment recovered in months

Following extended trials and negotiations, Alberto Culver, an international personal care manufacturer famous for its professional and affordable range of shampoo and conditioner placed an order with Atlanta Packaging UK for a complete end of line solution including, bottle conveyors, high speed shrink wrapper with tray loading facility, case conveyors and a low level palletiser. The investment increases production by over 15%.

Mark Tucker, Managing Director said after being awarded the contract "This has been very rewarding, 9 months ago we did a huge trial for the customer which included shrink wrapping over 20 pallets of stock so they had 100% confidence moving from their cardboard boxes to tray and shrink wrap. Their savings will be even better when they move to film only packs in the future."

The packing machine is an Ecofard 45 with continuous infeed separation, wrap around tray with film only facility running at 60 packs per minute. The machine is also equipped with print registration, internet connection, automatic lubrication as well as all the usual features from the Atlanta range.

Ecofard 45

The Ecofard links to the palletiser using low back pressure conveyors and there is also a reject station installed to remove packs with bad labels from the line without stopping. This transfer to a reject line uses the latest technology from Intralox namely their ARB (Activated Roller Belt). Mr Tucker continues "the design of the ARB is perfect for this application, minimal pack disruption, easy installation and set up with full support from Intralox in Belgium. Best of all we don't need to use ugly tunnel guards as the mechanism is installed under the belt so it's very safe".

The customer will remove an existing robot palletiser to replace it with a low level layer plate type made by Dan Palletiser but also supplied by Atlanta Packaging UK. "Robots have their place but for high speed lines you can't beat a layer plate machine and as we were able to offer the Dan machine as part of the turnkey project we are very confident it is the right choice". The palletiser can handle both Chep and Euro pallets with a layer card on the base of the empty pallet as well as between all the layers if required.

MK6 palletiser

One interesting aspect of the project is that the system will be built 3 times! After a F.A.T. (Factory Acceptance Test) in Bologna, Italy, the packer will be shipped to the Dan Palletiser factory in Denmark where a full system F.A.T will take place under full production conditions. After this test the machinery will be shipped to the customer but installed "off line" so training can be arranged for all operators and the stock of cardboard boxes run down to minimum levels before the packer and palletiser are installed in their final position.

The customer was very impressed with the way Atlanta Packaging were able to be flexible enough for this series of events to be planned around their production schedule and new product launches.

For more information, contact Atlanta Packaging UK or e mail sales@atlantapackaging.co.uk