Bisley invest in new high speed wrapper from Atlanta UK

In a significant move away from their normal supplier, Bisley, the UK's leading supplier of metal office furniture turned to Atlanta UK to supply them with a new high speed stretch wrapper for their pedestal line. Other companies found it difficult to fit a suitable machine under the mezzanine floor and also to be able to guarantee a minimum production rate of 125 units per hour.

Atlanta offered their Omega ring wrapper as a perfect solution. After a quick trip to Italy to see similar machines in action and to take a look at the impressive Atlanta manufacturing facility near Bologna, Bisley placed their order for the machine.

As Mark Tucker explains, "The Omega has a unique film delivery system. Instead of paying film out "on demand" the Omega system actually determines the perimeter of the unit to be wrapped and thus delivers the exact amount of film required. We know this will return significant savings to Bisley as well as improve the aesthetics of the cabinets".Omega stretch wrapper

Unlike its other competitors, the Omega has no electrical sliding contacts, on board electrical generators, or batteries, this means that the rotating ring is much lighter allowing high rotation speeds to be achieved quickly and safely. The ring is so light and strong it can carry a 40kg roll of film extending the reel change period by more than 100% and removing the need to fit automatic reel change equipment which tends to be very expensive and largely unreliable.

As well as the ring wrappers, Atlanta can also supply turntable and rotating arm machines to suit any application.

For slower speeds there is a range of semi automatic pallet wrappers as well.

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