Case Erection, Filling & Closing

Case formerThis  range of case formers offers an ideal first step to packaging automation. The machines are designed to reduce the time and effort taken to manually erect a case, at a low capital cost. The machines fold the lower flaps and hold the open case steady to allow packing to take place with both hands.


Auto case erectorMoving on to automatic case erection removes labour from the operation. The case blanks are loaded into a magazine and the machine erects and seals the bottom flaps with tape or hot melt to present a pre formed case to the filling operation.


Various options for case loading/filling are available - manual or automatic.


Case closer sealerAfter filling, the case can be closed semi automatically or fully automatically. Models are available to close and seal with tape or hot melt. Top and bottom tape sealers are used for cases not already sealed on the base. Machines that can automatically adapt themselves to any height and width are also available.


Any degree of automation can be further integrated into systems to include automatic palletisation and stretch wrapping of the palletised load.


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