Two wrappers are better than one

A well known UK Robot Integrator have teamed up with Atlanta Packaging to supply two pallet handling and stretch wrapping systems for one of their clients.

The total scope of supply to the customer includes pallet conveyors, robot palletising units and pallet stretch wrapping.

Double stretch wrapping benefit for electrical wholesaler

Following another head to head battle, Atlanta Packaging UK take the order to supply two battery powered stretch wrappers from their arch rivals, Aetnagroup UK.

Schneider Electric, a major electrical wholesaler in Birmingham chose the Sfera PRS over the Robopac model for several reasons.

Bisley sees double advantage for new high speed stretch wrapping line

Having already moved away from their normal supplier, Bisley, the UK's leading supplier of metal office furniture once again turned to Atlanta UK to supply them with TWO new high speed stretch wrappers for their new high volume line for standard office filing cabinets.

Humberside Nappy manufacturer chooses Atlanta’s “tall pallet wrapping” system for maximum shipping efficiency

A major nappy manufacturer in the North East of England has installed 5 fully automated packaging lines. Each line will include an Atlanta Revolution rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper close coupled to a robot palletising system.

Atlanta pallet stretch wrapping performance strengthens around Europe

During a recession there is ever more need for improved efficiency, reliability and cost saving. This has played an important part in the expansion and growth of the Atlanta Stretch Company with its unique product line, says Mark Tucker, of Atlanta UK.

Astonishing order placed with Atlanta Stretch by major manufacturer in Turkey

Mark Tucker of Atlanta UK announces a huge order placed by HAYAT the leading manufacturer of household and personal care products in Turkey for 10 Atlanta Stretch Omega double head ring wrapping systems.

Wyke Farms select stretch wrapper from Atlanta

Wyke Farms have teamed up with Atlanta Packaging to supply a pallet handling and wrapping system in their Somerset factory.

The total scope of supply includes pallet conveyors, robot palletising units, pallet wrapping and then automated pallet storage.

500k shrink wrapper investment recovered in months

Following extended trials and negotiations, Alberto Culver, an international personal care manufacturer famous for its professional and affordable range of shampoo and conditioner placed an order with Atlanta Packaging UK for a complete end of line solution including, bottle conveyors, high speed shrink wrapper with tray loading facility, case conveyors and a low level palletiser.

Palletiser from Dan Palletiser installed at Allinson Flour

Approximately 10,000 tonnes of Allinson flour is produced each year. Now, with a palletiser rented from Dan Palletiser, heavy lifting has been eliminated and profit made from day 1.