Mytho Station Automatic pallet wrapper

For those looking for something a litle less bespoke, the Mytho Station is a genuine alternative to the popular Mytho A.

This turntable wrapper has a unique low level design for both the mast and the film gripper unit so its possible to stack directly onto the turntable using a palletising robot - very useful if space is at a premium. The latest range allows the turntable to operate at under 200mm from the floor - without a pit! This means low level loading without expensive lifting equipment is a reality at last. Normally, to get so low, it would only be possible using an arm or a ring machine thus making the overall costs much greater.

Low level wrapper

All the equipment is designed for minimum site installation time, meaning a reduced installation cost. The mast is so low the unit is shipped with no dis-assembly at the factory so no wiring is required other than the panel connections. Machines can be offloaded, positioned, levelled and connected up in a few hours - minimum costs again.

Pricing is very competitive as our overheads are low compared to other suppliers in the UK who can offer this extensive range of equipment.

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