Pallet Stretch Wrapping - Rotating Table - Model Mytho A

The Mytho stretch wrapping machine is a unique design, fully automatic turntable machine. Installed in a conveyor line the machine requires no operator intervention other than to change the rolls of film. Due to the compact action of the lifting arm the machine can be used in areas with low headroom without the need for any special parts and the delay associated with their delivery. The unit for raising and lowering the film carriage is a sealed for life gearbox so maintenance is much reduced and safety is increased. The use of powered rollers to pre stretch the film before application greatly increases the yield from a film roll and also improves load containment.

Mytho A

Every automatic stretch wrapping machine from Atlanta is custom built to the exact customer requirements and specification. All items of the build can be specified including the PLC, pneumatic components, drive motors and inverters, even the colour of both the moving and static parts of the machine. The top sheet cover can be applied before, or during the wrapping process to give a dustproof or waterproof wrap. At the end of the sequence the film can be welded to secure the tail against the load or, if the side of the load is uneven, such as sacks, the film can be "tucked" under previous layers of film to secure it.

Mytho welder

Standard pallet sizes are 1200mm x 1000mm and 1200mm x 800mm but smaller and much larger dimensions can be wrapped as well as load heights up to 2400mm (taller on request).




The 2000kg turntable is supported on a large diameter industrial ball bearing giving outstanding duty cycles. The pinion to drive the turntable is on the outside of the assembly making maintenance easier than those mounted inside the bearing.

Mytho ring drive

To comply with CE regulations, all automatic stretch wrapping machines must be contained behind fence guards with anti personnel light barriers to the pallet openings on the infeed and outfeed conveyors. Atlanta can supply the Mytho A complete with these safety features or not in the case of integration into a safety cell supplied by others. Due to the fact that there is no traditional mast to erect on site, installation time is greatly reduced, the top sheet unit slots into place quickly and easily.

Mytho floorplan

The Mytho A stretch wraping machine is also available without the roller top for direct loading with FLT. The machine must still be mounted within a safety cell. as the FLT withdraws from the cell, the operator resets the light barrier and initiates the wrapping sequence.

Mytho A with loading plate

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