Cambrian Pet Foods invest in Atlanta shrink wrapping line

When Cambrian Pet Foods Ltd decided to invest in a new shrink wrapping line for multipacks of pet food they didnt just want a company to supply them with the basic equipment. They wanted to form a strategic alliance with a company that could not only supply high quality wrapping machines but also needed a group of people who understood their particular market requirements.

Mark Tucker, Atlanta MD says,"We have been involved in several shrink wrapping lines for the pet food industry so when Cambrian started talking to us about twin track 6 pack production with print registered film it didnt faze us at all. Within 10 days of meeting with Cambrian we had secured orders for two wrapping machines, an Ecofard 45 for producing the primary packs in 12, 6 and 4 packs and a secondary machine, an Ambra 35V for collation, tray loading and wrapping of the packs into what is called a flat 24 (6x4 cans). We were also requested to supply the interconnecting conveyors between the two machines".Ecofard 45

The system can produce 50 x 12 packs per minute or 100 x 6 packs per minute.

Atlanta personnel have also been involved with the design of the upstream can de palletising and transport system as well as the film and tray designs.

All Ecofard and Ambra shrink wrappers are single roll machines and can be configured to run film only, with film and pad, with film and tray, and tray only. Twin and triple track, print registration and double tier are available.

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