Palletisers for rent - industry first for layer type machines

Traditionally, it has not been possible to rent a palletiser from a manufacturer - they would be an outright capital purchase or lease purchase. In an effort to stimulate the market and give customers increased options, Atlanta UK Ltd now offer a selection of their range of layer palletisers for rent.

Dan MK1

If your production lines are working on more than one shift, this solution is guaranteed to save you money.

No more labour-related issues, no more manual handling concerns, no more rotation of line staff, simply increased line performance, output and efficiency.

No impact on your balance sheet, no investment, simply increased profit, reduced costs, reduced administrative burden and no risk.


Flexible terms; fixed monthly costs; all maintenance, warranties and parts are included.

Equipment is available within very short lead times, with quick installations and all delivery/installation costs included within the monthly fees.

In the current climate where investments are being carefully scrutinised and cash is king, here is an opportunity to improve your bottom line in a matter of weeks. All we ask is some of your time to enable us to compare the costs of your manual operation with our automated solution.

Call us now on 0845 8695559 or email us at and we'll arrange a time to come and see you.

There's nothing to lose and it could be some time very well spent!

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