Pallet wrapper improves Key safety

Atlanta Packaging recently delivered a Sfera mobile stretch wrapping machine to a perplexed customer, Key, family member of Manutan. Health and safety issues had forced Key to look for an alternative way of wrapping pallets and the Sfera proved to be the answer. In the two months since delivery Warehouse Manager Vincent Smit confirmed that they have reduced manual wrapping by 40-50% which has returned their health and safety standards to normal.

Sfera pallet wrapper

Key was using an automated stretch wrapper with pallets being driven on to a turntable. But because of the nature of their product range this was causing health and safety problems for operators including injuries to feet and legs from product overhang on the pallets. Light products were also flying around when the stretch wrap was being applied causing a further risk of injury.

The customer turned to Atlanta after watching a video of the Sfera in action, and found it to be a cost-effective solution. Delighted with the performance of the Sfera, and the reduction in health and safety issues, Vincent Smit said “I am still waiting for the risk assessment from our H&S advisor but I do not expect any major issues.”

The Sfera is a battery powered, self-guiding mobile pallet stretch wrapper. Because the load stays on the floor, this wrapper is ideal for unstable, heavy or oversize loads. It can be stored out of the way when not in use, freeing up valuable warehouse space.  The use of powered rollers to pre-stretch the film greatly increases the yield from a roll, saving up to 50% over hand wrapping.