Keeping brakes in their place

Eurac, a well known disc brake manufacturer in Poole, Dorset now boast a pallet stretch wrapping machine with automatic film grab and cut off. The customer had demanded a higher level of automation than their existing semi automatic wrapper could provide but did not have the budget for conveyorised automation. Atlanta Packaging UK provided the answer with a Mytho Auto PS.

Mytho Auto

Securing the load was indeed a challenge because the disc brakes are very heavy and do not interlock very well on the pallet. They are transported all over Europe for finishing so they needed to arrive in the best state possible. The customer had investigated alternatives to stretch wrapping including a detailed and comprehensive trial using shrink wrapped hoods but found stretch wrapping the only cost effective solution. 

In addition to the film grab & cut the machine is also equipped with a film roping facility. This means that the film web is reduced to a thin "rope" at the end of the wrapping cycle to better secure the load to the pallet. "This is very important for load containment when the weight of the products being wrapped is very heavy and unstable", "With more and more powerful trucks and higher average speeds, even we cannot 100% guarantee no slippage but because there is so much flexibility offered by the Mytho system it gives the customer the best chance of achieving his goals"  continued Mr Tucker.

As standard the Mytho PS comes with the facility to store 99 discrete wrapping styles, bi-motor step-less pre stretch up to 400%, automatic re-enforcing band at any point on the load, top sheet cycle, variable film tension and film pre stretch throughout the load. Altogether there are almost 40 adjustable parameters making this the most configurable wrapper on the market - having said that, the icon driven menu is easily understood and operators find it a breeze to work with.

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