Bisley continue to invest in stretch wrapping

As part of ongoing investment plans, Bisley Office Furniture in Newport has taken delivery of a new Atlanta Mytho semi automatic wrapper complete with gravity roller top, top press and PS film carriage.

Mytho with turntable

The image above perfectly illustrates the flexibility of the Mytho range - being able to wrap lockers no more than 300mm square right up to industry standard pallets 1200mm x 1000mm. The rollers on the turntable can be locked with a brake to stop the load moving as it rotates, this brake is applied automatically as the turntable starts to rotate. For tall, unstable loads, the electrically powered top press is a superb option - unlike units which use air cylinders to control the top press the Mytho unit can reach a wider range of load heights and the pressure applied by the press is adjustable from the control panel. Electric operation also means no air supply (or compressor) is required to be brought to the machine which in a warehouse setting, can be costly. 

As standard the Mytho comes with 99 program selection and over 30 separate parameter adjustments to cover every eventuality. Film pre stretch ratio is adjustable from 120% to 400% in 10% increments and can be programmed to be different at the bottom/top/going up and going down. Film tension is also adjustable at the same points.

Safety is paramount so the film carriage has fully enclosed rollers and an interlocked access door for fast, easy and safe film threading. 

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