Synthesi turntable stretch wrapper

Simple, clever and an incredible price. The NEW Atlanta Synthesi
turntable stretch wrapper makes your choice easy.

If you're new to the world of stretch wrapping and trying to choose your first machine, we’ve just made your choice a lot easier. The new Synthesi turntable stretch wrapper from Atlanta is an innovative machine with superb standards of Italian design, manufacture and performance from the incredible price of just £2,800 + VAT (excludes TP model). Still available for £2,500 if you collect it from the factory in Italy. It's very easy to install, simple to operate and virtually zero maintenance. You quite simply will not find this standard of design, build and performance, for this price, anywhere else. Your pallets will be safe in our hands!

You, your staff, your products, your supply chain, your customer and your pallet load can all rely on the Synthesi to safely, quickly and effectively wrap your pallet loads. Leaving pallet hand-wrapping behind will also improve your staff morale and your cost effectiveness by saving on the cost of film when compared to hand wrapping.

At a similarly remarkable price the pre-stretch Synthesi wrapper is available from just £4,800 + VAT.

We don't offer trials, demonstrations, lengthy installations or optional extras with this machine, because it's not necessary. (But if you do want any of this, please see the full range of machines on our main website). This clever machine comes packed with simple, detailed instructions. Just a few easy steps to follow and you can build and install it yourself. If you do get stuck we're available to help over the phone.

We can deliver directly to you for an additional charge, or you can collect. Contact us for details.

Here’s a summary of what you get:

•    1 year parts warranty.
•    Simple controls.
•    Reinforced turntable support.
•    Automatic height sensing.
•    Adjustable top and bottom wraps.
•    Pause facility for manual top sheet application.
•    Separately adjustable carriage up/down speed.
•    Separately adjustable turntable speed.
•    Adjustable film tension.
•    Soft start to prevent load tipping.
•    Only 240v 6 amp single phase power supply.
•    1650 diameter turntable.
•    2,200 mm load height (Synthesi) 2,050 mm (Synthex)

For more information and full details, see our main Synthesi web page, call us on 0845 8695559 or e mail us at