Pallet Stretch Wrappers

Semi Automatic Overview

Sfera stretch wrapperSemi automatic pallet wrapper machines, which apply a stretch film around the pallet to protect it during transport, stabilise the load and preserve it in storing. All the semi-automatic pallet wrapper machines use an LLDPE stretch plastic film, an elastic material that allows stable blocking of a pallet without any risk of capsizing or difficulties in transport. A Operator is required to attach the film at the start of the cycle and cut it at the end, wrapping of the pallet is automatic. Generally 25 pallets per hour would beconsidered a maximum speed for this type of wrapping. View our catalog


Fully Automatic Overview

Fully automatic wrapping machines do not need the intervention of the operator in either the hooking stage for the film or in the final expulsion stage, the pallet reaches the machinery through a roller which places it correctly at the centre of the platform, here the machine proceeds in wrapping it according to the programme set previously by the operator, and once the process is completed, it is expelled. View our catalog