Mobile Stretch Wrapping Machine - Model Sfera

The Sfera is a battery powered, self guiding, mobile pallet stretch wrapper. Due to the fact that the load stays on the floor this type of wrapper is ideal for unstable, heavy or oversize loads. The unit can stored out of the way when not in use, freeing up valuable space in the warehouse.

Sfera stretch wrapper

The unique design of the mechanism for raising and lowering the film carriage allows the Sfera to operate in low headrom areas and makes it possible to move through doorways without having to drop a traditional mast. The design also means that the centre of gravity is kept as low as possible increasing the working life of the transport components. The screw jack that operates the film carriage is sealed for life so maintenence is much reduced whilst safety is increased as there is no chance the film carriage will fall.

The use of powered rollers to pre stretch the film before application greatly increases the yield from a film roll and also improves load containment. Expect to save about 40 to 50% over hand wrapping

The powered film stretching rollers are completley encased during operation making this one of the safest film carriages on the market - as the unit opens "like a book" it is also one of the easiest to load with a new roll of film.

Film carriage open

On board controls allow the Sfera to be moved from place to place quickly and easily - if longer trips are required there are special lifting holes on both sides of the machine for a Fork Truck to lift the unit - no dismantling is required. The Sfera requires a surprisingly small operating area.

Sfera operating area

Charging of the batteries is acheived via an on board charger which is powered by a standard 13 amp plug. The Sfera range uses AGM sealed batteries, favoured by the military where power, weight, safety and reliability are paramount considerations. AGM batteries outperform gel type batteries and are highly suited to this type of application. Approximately 200 pallets can be wrapped per 8 hr charge.



Sfera comes in two formats, Sfera and Sfera Easy - both models can be fitted with core brake or power pre stretch film carriages. Both models are mechanically identical, the differance is in the control panel options, the Easy has a standard range of adjustments whereas the Sfera has advanced functions available for more demanding applications.

Sfera Easy control panel

Sfera control panel

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