Shrink Wrappers and Shrink Wrapping Machines

Shrink Wrappers


All Atlanta shrink wrappers are single roll machines which means there are no reciprocating sealing bars to maintain. The continuous motion of the process allows higher speeds to be attained without disruption to the product during the wrapping sequence.Ecofard 45The Ecofard and Ambra range of machines are available for production with film only, pad and film, tray and film and tray only. Twin and triple track options for multipacks with print registered film are possible as well as double tier.
Common containers that can be handled include cans, glass and PET bottles, Tetra Briks and multipacks.




At the top of its category for sturdiness and versatility for the new generation PLC. For the complete management of all the packaging phases.


Key features:

  • Latest technology mechanics, ideal for the handling of bulky and heavy products
  • High degree of size flexibility and packaging solutions
  • Quick and extremely precise size changes
  • Suited to various product types such as PET, metal or glass containers   


    The new Generation of economic shrink wrappers that is quick and easy to size change with only a few adjustments


    Key features:

  • Frame and machine parts without welding for better interchangeability
  • Sliding safety guards to leave restrict access to machine area  
  • Only one motor to control all machine movements
  • High efficiency shrink tunnel
  • All machine operations controlled by the touch screen control panel



    Ecofard and Ambra video clips





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