Wrap Around Case Packers

A wrap around case packer takes loose product, collates them into the required format then delivers them to the wrapping station where the case is formed around the collation making it a tight pack. This type of wrapping is particularly attractive when packing glass bottles as the tight pack negates the use of dividers resulting in significant cardboard savings. However, should dividers be required they can be fitted. The box flaps are closed automatically and sealed using hotmelt glue which makes for a very strong seal.


The Atlanta Giotto machines are made from stainless steel as standard making them attractive to the dairy and water industry sectors.

As seen below, the machines can produce fully enclosed case, open top case and deep walled tray formats.

Pack samples



If required, a shrink wrapping station can be fitted after the case erector to produce either boxes enveloped with film or tray with film. These are referred to as Combi machines.

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