Case Packers

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Case Packer

Case packer takes loose product, collates them into the required format then delivers them to the wrapping station where the case is formed around the products making it a secure pack.

This type of wrapping is particularly attractive when packing glass bottles as the tight pack negates the use of dividers resulting in significant cardboard savings. However, should dividers be required they can be fitted. The box flaps are closed automatically and sealed using hotmelt glue which makes for a very strong seal.

Giotto – Wrap Around


The Atlanta Giotto machines, made from stainless steel as standard making them attractive to the dairy and water industry sectors. As seen below, the machines can produce fully enclosed case, open top case and deep walled tray formats. 

  • Case packer
  • Case packer
  • Case packer assembly
  • Case packer

Key features

  • High duty cycle production as well as large & heavy containers.
  • Ergonomically designed for fast and easy format changes as well as maintenance intervention.
  • Suitable for a wide range of product types and containers including PET, metal, glass and multi-packs

Raffaello – Wrap Around


The Raffaello forms the carton around the product, from a flat blank, via automated folding and glueing operations as it passes through the machine. This series is designed for medium/low production and boasts a number of special features.

  • Case packer
  • Case packer
  • Case packer
  • Case packer

Key Features

  1. Top quality mechanical design results in high precision and repeatability making it ideal for continuous duty cycle production.
  2. Latest PLC and motion control technology for complete control of machine movements.
  3. Available with single or multi lane feeding.
  4. Suitable for a wide range of product types and containers including PET, metal, glass and multipacks
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