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Introduction to our fully automatic Omega Machine.

The Omega stretch wrapping machine is a robust, cantilever design, fully automatic rotating ring machine. Installed in a conveyor line the machine requires no operator intervention other than to change the rolls of film. The use of powered rollers to pre stretch the film before application greatly increases the yield from a film roll and also improves load containment. The high capacity of the machine, over 150 pallets per hour, lends itself to wrapping dollies, half and quarter pallets in singles or in pairs which allows the palletiser to continue running at maximum speed.

Additional Information

Max Rotation Speed65/70 rpm
Power Supply400v
Operating Pressure6 bar
Max Pallet Dimensions1200mm x 1200mm
1300mm x 1100mm
Min Pallet Dimensions600mm x 800mm
Output capacityUp to 150 Pallets per Hour
Output capacity is dependent on other factors such as Line speed, pallet dimensions and wrap cycles selected

Omega models

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At up to 140pph this double film carriage wrapper is the fastest fully automatic rotating ring machine in the world. It can be relied upon to align with the most demanding production lines and provide exacting film application. Both versions of the Omega can also be specified with either 750mm film carriages and / or auto reel changers to further improve the automation and operational competency they deliver.
This wrapper is a very well designed machine comprising of many patented innovations. It is capable of up to 110 pallets per hour and performs seamlessly with varied pallets loads and constantly changing parameters. It can be configured to fit top sheets and corner posts, to name only two of the varied capabilities.