End of Line Projects

Below are examples of recent Atlanta projects

Magic Rock

Magic Rock brewery wanted to automate their brewing and having approached KHS to provide a filling solution. They needed a low cost and compact solution for case packing. The available space was a significant challenge, even for our Raffaello case packer. As can be seen from the photos, the positioning of the machine was essential for the ‘flow’ of beer to arrive in the unloading bay for ease of ongoing distribution.

We collaborated with KHS to ensure the optimum solution was found to accommodate the case packers ideal positioning at the edge of the opening into the other part of the building.

This was an enjoyable project to work on and really satisfying the achieve the result the brewery was hoping for.

Large Supermarket Chain 

Having been approached to tender for a wrapping solution to enhance their warehousing operation. We worked closely with the operational team to design a bespoke solution. We came up with a low level conveyor capable of being loaded and unloaded by pallet trucks. With a large warehouse the need to minimise transport time of operator picked loads from one location to another was obvious. Having established their requirements, we designed infeed and outfeed conveyors capable of accepting varied loads ranging from 1 standard pallet up to 3 full pallets simultaneously.

There was also a need to handle a proportion of half (Dusseldorf) pallets. Which we achieved enabling fully mixed loads and differing pallet sizes to be loaded without operator intervention.

Once operators had become familiar with the wrapping station, many operational and financial benefits were established.

Beaver Town Brewery

BeaverTown was a very satisfying project, lovely people to work with and a seemingly impossible challenge. As always is the case….. not enough space!

The brief was to automate their manual packing process. Having identified the right equipment for the job; a Multi-pack Cartoner from our colleagues at T Freemantle and our own Atlanta Raffaello wrap around carton packer, we then faced the challenge of fitting it all in.

To achieve this we first of all modified the upstream can conveyors from the filler, not only creating space but also introducing a small amount of buffering. After this, installation of the main equipment was a straight forward success.

Thank you BeaverTown Brewery, Tottenham Hale.

New packaging and pallet wrapping challenges sought.

Multi Lines High Output

We were approached to support a large automated installation in a food produce factory. The specifications were exacting and the line speed was a challenging 100 PPH per line. Working closely with the OEM, we utilised 3 of our Revolution double film heads machines to deliver another bespoke solution that met everyone’s needs. 

The manufacture was completed in close collaboration with the UK team and when it came to the acceptance testing in Italy, even the challenge of full freight load produce was received with a smile. The tests went flawlessly and the machines are now installed in the UK and operating as expected.