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Introduction to our fully automatic Revolution Machine.

The Revolution stretch wrapping machine is a robust, four post design, fully automatic rotating arm machine. When installed in a conveyor line the machine requires little intervention other than to change the rolls of film. The standard Revolution range is available in three basic types; standard, heavy duty and double head.  Pallet output ranges from 50 to 100 pallets per hour depending on the specifications and particulars of the line concerned.

Additional Information

Max Rotation speed25 rpm
Electrical system and motor protectionIP54
Max pallet dimensions1250mm x 1250mm
Min pallet dimensions600mm x 800mm
Standard pallet height2100mm
Power supply400v
Output capacity50 – 100 Pallets per Hour (depending on model)
Output capacity is dependent on other factors such as Line speed, pallet dimensions and wrap cycles selected

Revolution Models

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The two standard versions of the Revolution are Low speed and High Speed, designed to cater specifically for the exact requirements of the installation. These revolving arm wrappers have been developed and refined over a number of years to be ideal for the job. Insightful design with simplicity as a goal has led to the models Atlanta sells today. They are both robust and reliable, thereby providing the perfect solution for automated pallet wrapping

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This feature is unique in the marketplace and stems from years of innovative design to achieve ring wrapper performance from a rotating arm design. The feature of combining two film heads on one arm allows for up to a 25% increase in pallet wrapping volumes and also allows for increased film overlay in a way that minimises usage. This patented option represents a reduction in costs, improved performance and proven reliability without the initial outlay for a ring wrapping machine.

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These Revolutions are reinforced to provided ultimate stability for the most challenging of industrial environments. They have all the performance of the high speed version combined with an exceptionally high standard of precision and safety components. They are capable of being enlarged to suit oversized and unusual loads together with options to reduce or increase dimensions to suit varied and limited factory space.