Mytho A

Mytho A

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Introduction to our fully automatic Mytho A Machine.

The Mytho A stretch wrapping machine is a unique design, fully automatic turntable machine. Installed in a conveyor line the machine requires no operator intervention other than to change the rolls of film. Due to the compact action of the lifting arm the machine can be used in areas with low headroom without the need for any special parts. The unit for raising and lowering the film carriage is a sealed gearbox so maintenance is reduced and safety is increased.

Additional Information

Conveyor height410mm – 550mm
Power supply 400v
Max Pallet dimensions1200mm x 1200mm
Min Pallet dimensions600mm x 800mm
Output capacity45 – 90 Pallets per Hours
Output capacity is dependent on other factors such as Line speed, pallet dimensions and wrap cycles selected

Mytho A Models

This inline wrapping machine has been developed in accordance with the latest technical standards for mechanical, electrical and software design. The standard SIEMENS S7-1200 PLC operates with Profinet signalling, which ensures this machine will easily be integrated into your packaging line. The combination of low maintenance costs and easy installation ensure this machine is an inexpensive solution for any industrial stretch wrapping requirement.
This model is only different from the Articulated arm, by having a vertical mast which holds the film carriage. The mast is required when the application needs a top press to stabilise the load during wrapping.
This version represents another innovation from Atlanta and further improves the capacity of the Mytho A. This double film carriage version is unique in the marketplace and offers significant flexibility for companies operating with varying production needs. It is particularly useful for businesses who experience seasonal variations for their produce. This machine represents an affordable option which is capable of managing increased output as and when it is required.


  • Mytho A Turntable
  • Mytho A
  • Mtho A Top Press