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Introduction to our fully automatic Lybra Machine.

The Lybra, automatic, rotating arm pallet wrapper offers a new range of solutions for those customers needing to wrap very light, unstable loads where a rotating turntable machine is inappropriate. The standard machine comes with parameter adjustments for arm rotation speed, independent carriage speed up and down, independent film tension going up and down and selectable reinforcing wraps. Auto film grab and cut off at the cycle end can be enhanced with film tail welding if required. 

Additional Information

Wrapping programs model LYBRA STATION5,7″ TOUCH screen operating panel with 7 Programs
Standard diagonal pallet1710 mm (Pallets 1200 x 1200mm)
Optional diagonal pallets1980 / 2120 / 2260 / 2400mm
Adjustable arm rotation speed facilitated by frequency changerMax 12 rpm
Output capacity30 Pallets per Hour
Output capacity is dependent on other factors such as Line speed, pallet dimensions and wrap cycles selected